Trying this out dudes….

Out of blackness, the force of darkness reached out of the nothing. Coming from nothing, it cared for no life, no love nor any plan of Gods.
The hand took on the form of the times. Men.
• Small Finger – Petite. The smallest and prettiest. It would be the speaker, the face of the form
• Ring Finger – Committed. This finger would be the keeper of faith in nothing and destroyer of faith in anything.
• Middle Finger – Antagonist. A maker of conflict, this finger would be the strongest and bringer of hatred.
• Index Finger – The pointer of the way. This would be the leader.
• Thumb – Different. Odd. It would be different yet part of the same. Against the others it would stand yet with the others would act as anvil to hammer and crush out the light.
Arising from the firey pit, these five would bring death and darkness to anywhere the crossed. Any unit that separates from the others would be severed from all for all time. As long as they stand together the Hand of Darkness would stamp out lives and loves across the Oerth.
We begin with your characters on fire….

Hand of Darkness